What will happen on my first visit?

Your first consultation may be longer than subsequent sessions. A practioner needs to assess your general state of health in order to identify the underlying pattern of disharmony and give you the most effective treatment. You will be asked about your current symptoms and what treatment you have received so far. You will also be asked about your medical history and that of your close family. The practitioner will also ask you about your diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and your general emotional state.To discover how the energies are flowing in your body, they are likely to feel your pulse, noting the quality, rhythm and strength. The structure, colour and coating of your tongue also gives a good guide to physical health.Once enough information has been gathered to determine the likely causes of your problems, a treatment will be prescribed which best address the imbalance that is causing your health complaints. The treatment may include dietry guidlines, herbs, acupuncture or body work.