Your Optimum Wellness Challenge!

In the clinic many of you ask what can you do for yourself, unfortunately we usually don't have time in the consultations to really adequately answer this. So we have decided to answer it now!

Using the power of the Internet we have a designed a live video conference. A 6 week challenge to help you achieve optimum health and well-being.


There is no single lifestyle, no single diet or approach to exercise that will work for everyone. You are an individual, you are unique. In this challenge you will learn how to customize your lifestyle and win your way to better health.

Why might you do this challenge?

  • Would you like to lose weight or reshape your body?
  • How about feeling years younger… or just feel your age again?
  • What about rising above feeling anxious and depressed - experience joy again?
  • Maybe you want to be fitter to play outdoors with the children or grandchildren?
  • Maybe to look great in a bathing suit again or fit into old jeans?
  • Do you want to reduce inflammation, aches and pains?
  • Or to improve your digestion and metabolism, and get them working as they should again?

There are so many positives they can't all be listed here. So join us now!

Did you know that 70% of all illness relates to our lifestyle choices. Much of your health today relates to the choices you have made but did you know that many of those choices are not really yours! Many of the influences around us have mislead us and many encourage us to make poor choices. In the challenge you will learn how to access the information around you, how to have a solid guide to stop you getting lost in the maze of information coming at you.

We are confident when you take this challenge you will see great results, not only that but experience has shown that those around you will notice the difference and many will want to know what you have done. What you achieve maybe a catalyst to helping your friends and family. We are sure you will become an inspiration to those around you.

You may still have questions so I suggest you read the course detail and the FAQ. Please email us if you have any unanswered questions about the challenge.

So please join us on this wonderful challenge.